Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jesus, Lord Over Sin

“He said to them. ‘Go!” (Mat. 8:28-34)

Evil cannot stand in the presence of Jesus.  His holiness and authority require it depart, for he will not be moved.

The things that possess us, and the “sin that so easily entangles,” are obvious in the presence of the Lord.  His light exposes the darkness within us every time.  That’s why we feel too ashamed to pray at times.  But the joy of the Lord is to show us mercy and free us from the chains of our self-enslavement.

The only limit to the power of the Christ is our own will.  He will not do in us what we will not allow.  If we plead for him to go or refuse to let him deal with the sin that possesses us, he will honor our choice.  But if we seek him, he will drive it away.

What is Jesus’ presence exposing in your life?  What cries out in you at the very thought of him?  He has the power to release you, but you must draw near to him and ask.

The power to overcome sin is in Jesus the Lord.  Our desire and will are not enough.  "There is no one who is righteous," only Jesus.  Our need is not to become strong enough to beat our temptation.  Our need is to grow deeper in love and in nearness to Christ, and his Spirit will, by our welcoming, overtake our own and fill us with his holiness and righteousness.

Nothing can stand against the light of God.  "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well."  (Mat. 6:32)

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